Pinewood Derby Track Timer Part 3

So I have the hardware built, and I need the code. I slightly bypassed the default Arduino code and set the ADC core clock to be 1MHz instead of 128kHz. […]

Pinewood Derby Track Timer Part 2

So I described a bit last time about how I built the timer. This time I’ll go into more detail on the hardware and how it’s put together. Above you […]

Pinewood Derby Track Timer Part 1

This was a project that took a good bit of time, so I’ll split it up into multiple posts, just to keep each one a bit more manageable. My father-in-law […]

I had an issue with my 3D printer where the SD card stopped responding. The system knows when one is inserted, but when I try to browse the folders it […]


So, I’m an electrical engineer, and I’ve seen quite a few articles and comments from other engineers going on about how bad Arduino is in practical use. I can’t even […]

Well, it’s cheesy, but it’s also a logical place to start. We had a break-in to our garage a few nights ago, which is the second time that it has […]