Screenshot from Rigol Oscilloscope

Well, I braced myself to have this be quite an ordeal, after I saw mention of driver downloads on Rigol’s site, and wondering if I would have to jump through any extra hoops because of me running primarily Linux. I finally decided to bite the bullet and work on getting my computer ready to do it, and started searching for what I had to do to get it to work.

And surprisingly, the answer was not much at all!

I saw this page, which then in turn led to this one.

After running through the instructions on that page and figuring out which IP address my ‘scope was at, I was done. Everything ‘just worked!’ I’m very pleased with it!

Here’s a screenshot of it picking up random noise.

Just as a side note, to see the MAC address of the Rigol, follow these steps:

  1. Push the ‘Utility’ button
  2. Push the ‘IO Setting’ on-screen button
  3. Push the ‘LAN Conf.’ on-screen button

And that’s it, there will be quite a few network details shown on the screen.

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