Straight from the Matterhacker’s page. There’s also a bunch of other useful ‘How-to’ information on the pages linked. Changing Filament When switching PLA colors: While the extruder is cold set […]

Screenshot from Rigol Oscilloscope

Well, I braced myself to have this be quite an ordeal, after I saw mention of driver downloads on Rigol’s site, and wondering if I would have to jump through […]

While I’m quite a fan of having the server set up so that it uses the authorized keys rather than passwords for logging in via SSH, I still want to […]

Using SSH (Secure SHell – basically an encrypted communication and control system from one computer to another) is a wonderful way to get connection from one computer to another, especially […]

I regularly run backups of my data. I have specific Raspberry Pis connected to external USB drives and my house network, and they back each other up. I have two […]